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who is silverchair solutions?

The complete solution for your high demand, high expectations and high paced development environment.

Silverchair delivers the knowledge base of over 20 years of producing and utilizing open-source software solutions to a variety of large and small companies.

Silverchair engineers are active contributors to open-source software projects who consult on these ground-breaking tools and technologies.

what can we do for you?

Silverchair Solutions develops dynamic applications using enhanced open-source technology. We provide support and training services either directly or in conjunction with open-source foundations and companies. This allows customers to leverage superior low-cost commoditized technology coupled with fanatical support.

Silverchair Solutions manages the technology adoption cycle through software architecture, design and construction services. We fulfill the support and training needs of clients by maintaining relationships or consulting partnerships with open-source projects and the software development community.

Silverchair Solutions offers it's clients services that encompass subject matter expertise, project management, technology architecture, software development, training, operations and support.


Silverchair Solutions
1602 Wakefield Dr .
Houston, TX 77018 USA

Phone: (713) 553-3835


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